How can we help?

The modern industry is impossible without effective delivery services. No matter what business you are handling, you need to get or send various products and materials. Nowadays there are various freight services you can’t but appreciate. Our company is to fulfill the orders of any level of complexity. We provide a wide range of options to meet the expectations of our clients. Team Expedited is the best choice for those who put speed first.

Expedited shipping is an efficient way of delivering freight that ensures goods arrive faster than common transit time. Yet, there one drawback of this transfer mode. It’s the best solution for small or middle-sized shipments while not all huge freights can be delivered in such a way.

Team Expedited is the perfect logistics solution for the representatives of medical, pharmaceutical, or e-commerce industries. This method of shipment is good not only when it comes to super-fast delivery but also to saving the quality of the goods.

How We Work

The most frequently asked question is still “When will I get my freight?” The common terms fall between overnight and 2-day shipping for most deliveries. It’s possible thanks to efficient logistics and the right choice of vans. We offer various variants that can ship freights of any size and weight.

We cooperate with the best and most reliable drivers. They set up effective routes. Sometimes it’s even possible to engage a couple of drives to keep driving all the time.

Thanks to the top-quality satellite tracking, you can see where your freight is going and calculate when you are going to receive it. Our company uses the most innovative tools and equipment to make the process of shipping fast, easy, and convenient for both workers and customers.

To fulfill you’re your order as soon as possible, we need to analyze the following information:

  • The types of freight;
  • The total amount of products to be delivered;
  • The total distance to be covered;
  • Desirable deadlines.

We always try to meet your needs and expectations. We evaluate your time and money that’s why provide only the best services.