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When it comes to relocation or large business operations, it’s impossible to cope without full truckload shipping. It’s the way of the haul when your fright is the only one in the truck. The route goes straight from the origin to the final destination. You don’t need to share the truck with other cargos. There are no other clients. The number of stops and breaks is limited.

This type of delivery has the following significant pluses:

  • It’s faster.

While the only aim is to transfer your cargo, the drivers shouldn’t visit other locations and make extra stops. Moreover, there is no need to change trailers during the transit period. Such practice is quite typical for other types of delivery. It means your goods always stay in one van.

  • It’s more cost-effective.

It’s a big mistake to think that FTL is not profitable. If you have to relocate a lot of belongings that are to occupy the whole truck, it’s better to hire one truck once than pay for multiple LTL trips.

  • It reduces empty mileage.

Empty miles are a waste of gas, time, and money. They make supply chains slack and feebly. A full truck Load allows to reduce empty mileage and save time and effort.

  • It’s more secure.

When it comes to LTL freight, the risk of damages is rather high. It’s necessary to upload or download various packages during the route. Your products are supposed to be moved and pushed. As for FTL, it minimizes possible damages.

How We Work

To experience our excellent Full Truck Load shipping mode, you have to place an order. There are several cases when it’s better to choose FTL than LTL option, for instance. The first one is when your freight is to fill the entire truck. The second one is when you have to haul sensitive products. It’s worth mentioning that for weight, the average full load can’t be more than 30,000 to 45,000 lbs without requiring special equipment. For spacing, the 53-foot trailer fits 26 standard pallets.

We pick up the trailers in accordance with your demands. The most popular variants are dry vans and flatbeds. The drivers get all the needed documentation and instructions to carry out the transfer of the shipment.